Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Been a while!


Yeah, been a while. The challenges of life sometimes knock us down and we are face to leave other stuff of life and deal with it. Despite that, the ability to walk up straight again is what is important, knowing that we are immortal beings and are not perfect. In this times, I have grown and learnt and still learning, above all am back and happy to write again. I am deeply grateful for tolerance with my irregular disappearance from the blog...and must of all grateful for your support in every little way...or your valued time. I am also thanking you for....well, pretty much everything. Let's just say, my heart if filled to the top with gratitude. 

The blog is coming stronger and adding new segment to it. To all my "naturalistas" out there, this segment is for you. We will sharing the best regime for an healthy hair and healthy you. All together we build an healthy body, with a splendor of refreshing soul filling poems. Renewing our mind inside out. 

The blog will also will be featuring regular open job opportunities for job seekers out there, the aim is to help someone earn some income, we all understand how difficult it is getting that job especially when you don't know any "oga at the top". It will be my joy that this helps someone and that feedbacks are shared, when they come out success, hence we welcome feedback in the comment box below in the blog.

I feel excited already, knowing that someone is going to enjoy this fresh ride. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride of nature.

Much love and kisses.


Photo Credit: Ms. Ebrü

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