Monday, November 6, 2017


"Always be appreciative and grateful for every breathe and opportunity of another second spent. Indeed a miracle to behold, even as the next moment comes unknown". -bosybosyde

Thinking out loud, i whispered "oh yeah, its less than two months to the NEW YEAR". Within me, am over whelmed with joy, knowing how tough the journey this year has been. Coming this far, can only be by GOD's grace and His mercies.

My prayers for the remaining 55 days in 2017 to everyone is that, the mercy of God will overflow into your life, your home. Through out the remaining weeks, your mornings will be good, your afternoons will be great, your evenings will be glorious and your nights will be peaceful in Jesus name.

The goodness and mercy that has no bound which cometh from above will encompass you.

The Lord will open the heavens each day to water your ground, keep you evergreen, blooming and flourishing in his fruitfulness. To everyone going through tough and challenging trials, He will banish the sorrows and soon you have a good laugh and a course to rejoice and share your testimony.

By His grace in the days ahead, no weeping, no mourning, no regrets, no lamentations, no untimely deaths and no loss in your household.

Angels of blessings will visit you each of the 55 days with packages of miracles, breakthrough, signs and wonders. They will grant you unceasing celebrations and testimonies🙏🙏🙏.

To you November, welcome!


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